Ferry Master's House 28mm Scale Resin Cast Terrain UNPAINTED

Ferry Master's House 28mm Scale Resin Cast Terrain UNPAINTED

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Whether nestled by the river or in the streets of a medieval town, the Ferry Master’s House is a perfect addition to any fantasy gaming board. Complete with round door, window and fireplace, the model is detailed inside and out. The specific scale of the dwelling was chosen with both halfling and man sized occupants in mind and the removable roof makes play inside a dynamic and accessible experience. The design is optimised to work as a standalone terrain piece or blend seamlessly with a bigger layout.

This 28mm scale fully interiored structure has been hand carved and finished in cast polyurethane resin. Rich with detail, and incredibly durable this surface not only paints up beautifully but will withstand the rigors of wargaming.

Be sure to give your piece a quick wash in warm soapy water before priming to ensure maximum paint adhesion. Some minor variation may occur between pieces due to the casting process.

We try to keep as many resin kits in stock at all times and so usually ship the day after purchase, but in cases of high demands we'll do our best to get your shipment within 15 business days of ordering. If you have any concerns just drop us an email and we’ll make sure your shipment arrives in time for that special event or gaming day!

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