Base Ready Arid Earth

Base Ready Arid Earth


Ready Basing Range

Lukes Aps Base Ready Arid Earth is our custom hand mixed mixture of sands, gravels, foams, static grass, sawdust and aggregates, perfect to give your miniatures that extra special base.

Works Amazing as a basing material for models needing that earthy, arid feel.

When combined with our tufts, you can have an army fit for any competition or battle in minutes

Its as easy as:

  • Glue it

  • Dip it

  • Grass it

  • Done it

Here at Zorpazorp we believe everyone deserves the board of their dreams and as such we have partnered with Luke’s APS to stock his incredible line of terrain products. A YouTuber like us, Luke has slogged away using the incredibly expensive brands we all know and got fed up of the exorbitant pricing, so he went out on his own! And now we’re pleased to bring you the absolute finest terrain supplies and a very competitive price.

Your terrain making dreams are now within your grasp! Now get out there and get making!!

Approx Size 225g

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