Foam Flock Mid Green Fine / 2 In 1 Ground Cover

Foam Flock Mid Green Fine / 2 In 1 Ground Cover


2 in 1 Foam Flock - Easy to use

The 2 in 1 Ground Cover Flock Scatter foam range was released because during Luke’s work as a YouTuber, commission terrain designer and painter, he was always looking and experimenting with materials to create the perfect boards and layout for his customers, he has used hundreds of products from different manufacturers, but nothing was ever the perfect mix of properties. So, after years of testing and working with different scatters, flocks and foliage materials, Luke decided to release his own.

  • Available in 3 colours to cover a range of effects: BrightMid and Dark Green

  • A special Premium blend of 2 In 1 Flock containing fine and coarse foliage,

  • Finer than saw dust to create a smother finish with greater coverage

  • Absorbs adhesives and glues far better than sawdust

  • Adheres to boards and surfaces better than sawdust resulting in a longer lasting and more durable finish

  • Colour fast, wont bleed colour and will retain original once adhesives have dried

  • Easy to blend with other colours to give a more distinct and refined blend

  • Due to the durable nature of the product is it ideal for Wargaming Boards, Train Layouts, Dioramas and other hobbies where frequent handling can be an issue

  • Can be blended with Luke’s APS static grass for an even more realistic grass surface

Luke’s Aps 2 in 1 Ground Cover Flock Scatter can be used for a multitude of different effects, placed directly on to a layout to create realistic ground cover or it can be sieved in to 2 different textures, A finer effect Ground Cover Flock Scatter for detail work and coarser texture flock to replicate weeds or grass. Also, great when applied over rocky outcrops to replicate scrubland.

*** Contains approximately 500ml, shaker jar not included, static grass supplied in a resealable bag

Here at Zorpazorp we believe everyone deserves the board of their dreams and as such we have partnered with Luke’s APS to stock his incredible line of terrain products. A YouTuber like us, Luke has slogged away using the incredibly expensive brands we all know and got fed up of the exorbitant pricing, so he went out on his own! And now we’re pleased to bring you the absolute finest terrain supplies and a very competitive price.

Your terrain making dreams are now within your grasp! Now get out there and get making!!

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